whatever your eyes desire

ejmadziu! introduces herself:

I won't write that I am young, gifted, with 40 years of top international experience in corporate identity. I also do not really want to draw your attention to the long course of my education on a timeline. Why not just see what I can do and then... hire me. Don't hesitate - drop me a line and I will have a chance to create something perfectly suited to you. On request, I am also quite capable of designing ugly stuff (but not too often, please).

You get a 100% guarantee of CREATIVITY and UNCONVENTIONAL THINKING, thanks to my melancholy temperament (a proven link found by scientists).

Personally: I suffer from audio and bibliophilic addiction. In my spare time I ride my blue bicycle or intoxicate myself inhaling exotic spices while conjuring up meals. I wonder about the ever expanding universe and crossing the event horizon.